Self Orientation Workshop
Balancing your acts . . .

In modern times, the working individual faces challenges both from the outer world and the inner world. Keeping in view the impact of these challenges, this Workshop focuses on the need for personal mastery to enable a more wholesome contribution to work, home and society. The sessions guide the participants to discover the unlimited energy that the Self embodies. When this energy is discovered it provides the insight and experience necessary to make one transcend all pressures. Thus giving one the strength of will to face and overcome the challenges of living. Through interactive techniques and presentation of practical situations, the Workshop allows active participation and in-depth learning.

Relationship and Responsibilities

• What is the role of people in my life?
• What is the time I offer for my responsibilities?
• When we pose such questions to ourselves, we recognize that relationships and responsibilities take
   most of our time. The need to bring about a balance between them is essential to combat all pressures.

What is Success?
We find ourselves at a crossroad, trying to judge which way to turn. Where should one focus, in order to be successful? When one is successful in all spheres of life, and yet doesn't feel the 'success', it is essential to re-think.The Workshop focuses on understanding success from a unique perspective, and offers an easy way to achieve it.

How to Balance?
Success is the ability to utilize our power of thoughts, words and actions in the right proportion and at the right time. This process is instrumental in creating a balance in the practical world. The sessions encourage interactions and introspection, so that we can take charge of our inner world and the world around us.

Self-respect is the key to balance. The more I respect myself, the more I can recognize that being authentic, tactful and sincere are the steps towards the goal. The Workshop allows individuals to recognize the power of thoughts, words and actions and its implication on balance in life. This awareness is further emphasized through different techniques and practices which the Workshop provides.