Self Management
(Dealing with change)

Self Management is a practical self-development programme for people who are either facing major changes in their lives or who wish to introduce change. For anyone, change can bring escalating levels of stress and tension. For those who are responsible for leading or accompanying others through a period of uncertainty, insecurity and chaos (so evident around), the anxiety can be effectively handled through a heightened level of self-awareness and self-management skills.

Today, even the nature of change is changing. Most of us have grown accustomed to change taking place in rapid yet incremental steps. Our mental system has learnt to cope with transitional change. But, are we equipped to cope with transformational change? In any life cycle, there comes a time when merely adjusting to a changing environment is not enough. A breakthrough transformation must take place for a quantum leap.

Aim of the programme
• The programme provides a framework for personal strategic planning.
• It offers models that empower the individual to realign with the changing environment
  and thereby develop new thinking, attitudes and behaviour.
• It provides specific tools for training the mind and also skills for effectively managing self and change.

Course Outline:

Introduction: The changing world around us: Highlights the driving forces that are causing transformationaductionl changes in the world around us.

The changing role of a Manager: Identifies the 'new paradigm' of leadership and how to adopt this as a personal 'style'. The Transformational Leadership model takes participants through a 10 step personal planning process.

Step 1 - Facts:
A personal SWOT Analysis to assess your present position.

Step 2 - Insight:
To identify your 'Real me'; inner powers and the capabilities that you have at your disposal.

Step 3 - Purpose:
To help you clarify your focus for the next stage of your life, in the light of SWOT analysis and gain an INSIGHT into your powers and capabilities.

Step 4 - Values:
Clarifying your innate and aquired Values which are deeply connected to your PURPOSE.

Step 5 - Vision:
To create a personal logo as a symbol of your future success

Step 6 - Barriers:
Identifying the blocks and barriers, which you will have to deal with in order to achieve your Vision.

Steps 7 & 8 - Goals & Strategies:
To develop Strategic Goals and relevant strategies for achieving your Vision in the various Key Result Areas of your life, as well as for your own personal development.

Step 9 - Action Planning:
To identify specific action steps necessary in order to bring your Self-management Plan to life

Step 10 - Implementation-monitoring:
To introduce a daily monitoring system to keep you on track - motivated with your action plan and development programme.