Learn the Art of Rajyoga Meditation

Each one of us has tremendous treasures hidden within. When we explore these treasures through meditation, we are able to empower ourselves and start performing at an optimum level.

Rajyoga Meditation enables us to create new attitudes and responses to life, giving us a clear spiritual understanding of ourselves.

Rajyoga Meditation is a connection of the innate self with the Supreme, who is an infinite source of spiritual virtues and powers.

Rajyoga Meditation is an exercise of the mind, in which we can channelise our thoughts within. It is the process of re-discovering, enjoying and using the positive latent qualities within us.

Like any skill, Rajyoga meditation requires practice to achieve positive and satisfying results. Meditation can be practiced at any age and at any time. With practice, it soon becomes a way of life, which rewards us generously.'

Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation

The mental and physical benefits of meditation are experienced in many areas. By enhancing the ability to cope effectively with rapid change, Rajyoga meditation can open up a whole new understanding of purpose and potential. It positively influences all areas of our spirit, mind, body and community.

Finding the purpose of life,
Understanding the self,
Exploring our full potential,
Ability to face challenges

Freedom from anxiety and fear,
Restores inner peace and happiness,
Ability to express positive feelings,
Better concentration.

Feeling of relaxation and freshness,
Experience qualitative sleep,
Helps to overcome psychosomatic illness.

Balance of personal life and professional career,
Create a positive environment,
Develop congenial relationships,
Imbibe values for a happy life.

The Rajyoga Meditation Course
The course is conducted at Rajyoga Centres of Brahma Kumaris in a series of 7 lessons at convenient time, either individually or in a group.

45 minutes daily for 7 days.

Topics covered:
• Discovery of our spiritual identity
Knowledge of the Supreme Source of all Powers
The technique of Rajyoga Meditation
Exploring hidden powers
Understanding the cycle of time
Knowledge of the Laws of action (Karma)
Understanding the Tree of life.

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