Personality Transformation

It is said: To face storms . . . beat obstacles, live with difficult people, climb the steepest of mountains and yet turn out to be as inexperienced person as one was before, then one had rather not done whatever one did. If we do not learn from our experiencess, then it is important to to look in a different direction. Living a life without learning and change is living a life without meaning or cause.

Change is inevitable and thus it should be welcomed with grace. Change is possible when there is a deep transformation of personality, which includes thoughts, attitudes and feelings. An entire change such as this brings about a strong future, full of strength and love.

Why Personality Transformation?
The joy and pain we experience is not entirely based upon responses from people and situations but how we allow these to rule out lives. When we get coloured by limited perceptions we are no more creators of our lives but mere products of situations. Our perceptions then alter our personality affecting its depth, power and compassions. Though we try to find different ways to understand, accept and change our responses to the world, the adjustments we make are mostly superficial and the underlying current of deep rooted habits are persistant. It is then understood that without the necessary power in our attitudes and feedings we cannot transform our personality.

This programme allows a subtle querry into the depths of personality and incorporates a simple way of changing and empowering the self through dveloping greater insight and meaning. The course structure covers the following concepts in depth.

Intricacies of personality
Our personality is the eventual outcome of what we think, decide and do. A clear understanding of our personality is required in order to make a difference.

Guiding Voice for Change
From time to time, we are touched by an inner voice. It is essential to have the intuitive ability to recognize that voice and bring greater meaning to life.

Session I - Introduction to the Program and Aims:

Introduction to the program:
For any transformation to be successful, it has to be deep and dramatic. Such deep process can bring about difference or newness in things. For example, to be able to access water from earth it is important to go deeper because the more shallow it is the more rocks and hurdles are experienced or seen.

Transformations are of 3 levels: Given examples of two people on a conflict or a problem, the situation or work or just with self. Discuss the three levels of transformation -- Behavioral, Emotional & Attitudinal.

Session II - Renaissance - towards newness
Its important to move from old to new. Change is inevitable and thus it should be welcomed with grace. Change is always possible when there is a necessary transformation of personality. That includes the process of thoughts, attitudes & relationships thoughts, feelings and the entire life. An entire change such as this brings about a strong future, full of control and love.

  1. Information fixation
  2. Lack of familiarity
  3. Belief in what we see
  4. Immediate result orientation
  5. Keeping the focus of the environment
  6. Lacking intrinsic motivation
  7. Over emphasis on weaknesses and undermining strengths

Session III - Guiding voice for change
There are three voices or inspiration for transformation. One time or the other we are touched by one of them and most times realize the importance of transformation. They are Self induced voice, Voice of the world and Inner voice.

Session IV - Intricacies of Personality
• Intricacies of Personality
• Layers of Personality

Session V - Themes of Transformation
• Transformation in self.

Session VI - Connect - Transformation in Relationships

Session VII
• Transformation in situation and work
• Point Technique
• Learning

Learning depends upon four factors:
• Retrospection
• Rectification
• Realization
• Reference.

Session VIII: - Acts of Creation

Session IX - Themes & Powers:

The person will be preoccupied about people. High sensitivity and feelings of insecurity. Giving importance to trivial responses from others. stubborn in interaction and high expectations from others.

ostly questioning about others behavior and their weaknesses and ones own behavior towards others

on acceptance of others in any other way then their own.

poken sometimes harshly and with disrespect towards others In the area of work is that of having clarity and focused at work.

When we have understood the different areas of transformation we need to have clarity about the areas in which we need to transform in the present position. There are four areas as already discussed:
1. Self
2. Situation
3. Relationship
4. Work

Session X - Transformation Programming
Programming transformation is to monitor the positive growth in all 4 areas of life. In work we need happiness, in situations we need power, in relations we need love and in self we need peace.