Message for the day                         17.06.2017


To transform waste into something purposeful and powerful is to remain light.



Many a times it so happens that one acts immediately seeing a situation. But the one who is successful analyses the situation and predicts the outcome of the action that he performs and then acts keeping the end result in mind. Because of knowing the consequences of the actions before actually performing that action, he is able to continue putting in effort in spite of the challenges and difficulties. So he continues to give his best to the task. 



When I understand the significance of everything that happens, I am able to transform in a second. So I am able to remain light because I am able to put in sincere effort and free myself from the burden of waste. I also find that there is no problem in my relationships too, as I am able to understand others and behave accordingly.



In Spiritual Services,
Brahmakumaris Business & Industry Wing.


In the everyday busy life, each one concludes that life is a cycle of gain and loss, success and failure. However these different unexpected experiences can create a greater growth of the

personality when there is a stress free and a serene life. It is thus important to know that in the inner most core of our being lies endless possibilities, a reservoir of resources to combat

pressures and face challenges. This dormant, yet strong inner personality when expressed makes us individuals of strength. This strength is thus only used when there is the recognition

of the inner powers and the availability to the self. It is only then, can it be easily surfaced in any given stressful situation. Thus allowing our world to be a stable and unvarying asylum

for the self and others which require some inputs of knowledge.

It is always good to begin the day with a positive note. Understanding the situations and challenges faced by each and everybody today, we offer (voluntarily) the services of the “Message

for the day”, which is being sent out to people by the Business & Industry (B&I) Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation, Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya

 (known as Brahma Kumaris), in international spiritual institution.

It is a practical positive thinking, mind refreshment and self-introspective exercise. This message is being sent from the National Coordinating Office of the B&I Wing, Vile Parle, Mumbai,

India. There are several recipients of this message and we have received tremendous response to this.

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