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God's Healing Power
By Sister Jayanti

There’s a lot of interest worldwide in the whole subject of health and healing. On the one hand there have been many advances in science, technology and medicine and yet our actual physical well-being and good health seems to be on the decline. There is a huge array of complementary therapies and all sorts that people can experiment with.

The trials and tribulations of today’s world are such that there’s a lot of healing that’s needed. Health is a matter of great concern for everyone.
For centuries meditation has been recognised as a method to be able to experience healing on both levels – healing of the body as well as healing of the soul. The psyche has a huge impact on the body, known as psychosomatic illnesses. Having a method to cure and heal the mind is going to have a positive effect on the body. Research has shown that positive feelings result in improved health. The most common example is where cancer has been reversed.

Inner Healing

Many of us are in need of healing on an inner level, particularly where there has actually been some sort of tragedy, trauma or pain. Often these experiences have left us scarred. We still carry those wounds even though we realise that we have to be healed.

Addictions to food, alcohol etc. indicate our inner pain. There are a huge number of addictions that we get trapped into, resulting in the scar becoming deeper and deeper, and the wound becoming more painful. It takes an immense amount of courage, determination and willpower to be able to make the break and move away from that addiction.

Our response to life’s ups and downs also needs healing. The pleasures and pains that we experience are considered to be a normal part of life. Sometimes there’s love and praise and sometimes there’s defamation. These are the ups and downs of life. Inner addictions such as attachment, dependency, control, possessiveness, ego, greed and anger cause pain to the soul.

Through meditation one is able to come to terms with the tragedies and the traumas of life but meditation can also give the inner strength and capacity to have the courage to kick away negative habits and become free.

Spiritual principles for healing

The basic rule of spirituality is that the natural state of the human being is of happiness and not of pain. On a physical level, the natural state of the human body is of comfort, feeling healthy. If there’s pain, that’s not a sign of health, but it’s a signal that something needs attention. The same thing is true of the spirit of the soul – the inner being that’s separate from the physical identity of gender, nationality, race, colour, etc. The state of our inner health is directly related to our external health. Whatever is going on inside, is visible through our eyes and our faces even though we may try to mask it. So, the days that we feel comfortable and happy inside are probably the days that we feel very balanced within our own life. It’s a general guideline that my inner stability will affect the way I respond to people and situations.

The reason why it seems as if everything is totally unmanageable is because we are not managing ourselves. Our responsibility is to start putting things right inside the self. Thus when I heal the pain inside, I will be able to remove the problems outside.

Another spiritual principle is that I am in charge of myself. I am responsible. However, we’ve moved far away from this notion because we’ve handed over responsibility to all sorts of external agencies and we’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated. As a result we’ve lost control of what’s going on within ourselves.

Within my own inner world, is a very special energy that I have that nobody can access unless I give them permission - that of my own mind. We haven’t realised that we have to be in charge of what’s going on within our own mind. We’ve allowed that door to open and external forces to come in and manipulate us. This has caused a lot of suffering and so healing is needed. The way to do that is through meditation.


Meditation isn’t complicated. To a certain extent, we all were able to meditate in a natural way. The natural pauses in life in which the mind had an opportunity to become quiet and just absorb the vibrations of nature are no longer there.
Sundays used to be a day of leisure; a chance to go for a walk and enjoy the very simple things in life. We don’t give ourselves space for these things any more. We rely so much on electronic entertainment that these very basic simple things have been forgotten. Instead we go home and switch on the television after a hard day at work. The greatest error is that we think that it’s going to help us relax. Our mind is so stimulated by all those images that even the sleep we have is not relaxing.

Meditation is when I consciously carve out time for myself as a necessity for survival. I sit quietly and I train my mind to become quiet. I have to teach myself. You can listen to other people telling you what to do but that’s not God’s healing power. If you want to experience it, then it’s something you have to do for yourself. You truly are the only one who can take charge of what’s going on in your mind. Let the mind become quiet. Let go of the past. Don’t think about the future. This present moment, here and now is the only reality. The past and the future are not a reality at this point of time. Slow down the speed of thoughts and in that quiet time allow yourself to get in touch with your inner core of peace.

Follow the method and the practice and you’ll find that it’s possible to calm the thoughts and come back to that inner state of peace, our natural state of being. Peace isn’t something we need to struggle for, fight for or work for. It’s just there. I just need to get in touch with it again.

God’s Healing Power

On a human level, love is a tremendous force of healing. If love suddenly enters someone’s life then it’s a process that can bring about a reversal of disease. Connecting with God, the source of love is quite a different experience.

In some ways we’ve been disappointed with human love because very rarely has it been continuous, constant, stable and unconditional. Sometimes it’s lasted for two weeks or for a few months and there’s always been conditions attached. It is possible to experience unconditional love because the Supreme, the divine, the absolute, is the source of all attributes. God is an infinite source of all qualities without any limits.

If through my thoughts, I connect with that Source of infinite love, I can begin to feel the power that can heal the soul. The love that comes from that connection is a love that first of all takes away my pain. God’s love inspires me to have faith in myself. It enables me to come back to an inner sense of security that I haven’t been able to experience before in this life. I can experience God’s healing power through meditation. This power restores the whole of my being.