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From Force to Power
By Brian Bacon

What do we want in life - peace in our hearts, happiness in our life and love in our relationships? We try to get to them by ‘adding’ things to our lives, such as going to the gym or doing meditation. But to the extent that we carry on with the old ‘system’ of doing/thinking, nothing will actually change. So we need to check our system. It’s easy to lose your compass.

In business, success is based on your ability to focus and execute. The ability to execute is based on your decisiveness and humility. Decisiveness is about clarity of mind and determination. Humility is the ability to listen, because knowledge is dispersed – when it is lost there’s cynicism, lack of trust and over-control. Today leaders need to engage people (we need to engage ourselves). Ability to engage people successfully is about heightening the sense of common purpose: it’s about passion and will. This is about trusting our instincts (just like the fisherman knows where the fishes are). Good managers are instinctive and have an understanding of the business.

Your life must be a balance. When we are out of balance and we’ve lost touch, two things will happen. Firstly we know the problems will get bigger and secondly other things will suffer in our lives.

RECOGNISE THE SIGNS. Pause, stop and look around. Check your life: relationships, quality of work, health, etc. The signs are always there. Make sure you can see them coming.

Then ask what they ask in business. In business they ask: What’s the idea/purpose? What is supposed to be happening here? Ask that of your life. WHAT is HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE? WHAT’S THE BASIS FOR HARMONY? What are you focusing on? What is your idea of life? What system are you running your life on?

The pursuit and study of harmony. The Pythagoras triangle: one vortex is the self, the other is life and the other is truth. When there’s balance and order, everything flows. One first needs to focus on the highest truth. What is that? That’s your truth. Once you align the self with the truth, then life aligns itself automatically. But first, I need to understand the self. Self is your (true) essence, i.e. who am I? Many times we over-identify with what we do. But the self is not what you do. When in crisis we tend to focus on life or on others, rather than on the truth. We have a strong desire to get it under control, which ends up being more damaging because we wrongly think when we get it under control, we’ll be happy. This in fact, is the challenge of understanding the system under which I am living my life, my belief systems. I need to check the system, not the symptoms or the flashing signals – they are not the problem, the system is.

Swimming in the ocean vs. the control indoor competition. Can’t control the ocean. Need to learn to ride the wave. READ THE SIGNS. POSITION YOURSELF. Remember no wave lasts forever. Life is full of peaks and troughs. Things will change, but there’s always another wave. No wave lasts forever. Everything changes e.g. job, nature of relationships. Look for the signs and ride with the highs and lows, but be sure to be ready to get onto the next wave.

Are you a shark or a dolphin? Dolphins are fast and highly maneuverable, flexible, work in teams. Focus on your truth. What is your own truth? Are you in the right place? Are you doing the right things? Is it your own life you are living or someone else’s’? Do you express your own ideas or those of others? Don’t lose yourself in the opinions of others. Be clear about this. You must have a strong sense of what you’re doing, what your values and purpose are. Unless you know your truth you will fail.

Not everyone is a shark. Are you giving and creating or are you taking? Our instinctive nature as well as research suggests that most people want to give. However, in reality they are constantly trying to take. This is where the disconnection occurs.

ASK YOURSELF, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT? Self, life/others and truth, all need to be in harmony. The focus should start on the truth, your truth.