Inspiring Articles


by Dadi Janki

What’s the intellect of an angel like? What are the eyes of an angel like? What’s the speech of an angel like? Do angels speak? Do they actually use their legs to walk? They are very sweet and much loved. The smile of an angel is such that it removes any inner pain. Angels are always seen above the earth. When we allow our intellect to go above, then we are able to see an angel. When we look at an angel, we forget our culture, our religion, the colour of our skin. We don’t need to worry about learning the language of an angel, we’ll definitely be able to understand them. They communicate through the language of the eyes and the language of a smile; a language we’ll be able to understand very easily

Every pose of an angel is very sweet and full of lightness. We never see them worry. They protect everyone and always think of everyone’s benefit. An angel will never have a particular friend or dislike for anyone, nor consider another to be an enemy. They have a kind, loving heart. Can we emerge the image of an angel’s heart? They have a head, they have eyes, and their hearts are full of truth and mercy. When we’re with an angel, it doesn’t matter if we’ve made mistakes or we’ve performed a sin, they’ll make us feel elevated and say “Remain in this way”. Angels say “Whatever good you’ve done, take benefit from that, then anything that is negative, that’s sinful, is removed. In fact angels have so much strength that they not only enable us to take benefit from what we have done right, but their strength helps us to continue to perform charitable acts, so that which is sinful is removed.

We see angels with wings, able to fly; they’re free. Yet, when we see human beings they’ve got their feet stuck to the ground and they’re caught up with all the mud and all the activity down here. Human beings are so full of desires that even when someone comes to them and says, “Come on, come on, come out of there and be liberated from it.” They reply, “No, no, I’m quite happy here.” Human beings have attachments. When we come near an angel, we are able to let go of all those attachments. And it’s in that pure experience that peace is able to draw you. There is the realization of how much peacelessness and sorrow there was before.

An angel is like a mirror that shows you:

  • who we are,
  • what we’ve done,
  • what we look like now, internally
  • what our true potential is, what we can be
  • and they actually enable you to fulfill our potential.

It’s amazing that they can show us what we are at the moment and what our full potential is and how we can become that.

They are like the sun. An angel is able to give such light that darkness is removed but also a light that burns away all the germs. Angels emerge our absolute beauty. In the past we were those who were in darkness, in ignorance, and then we become those who become like stars and actually reflect that light for others to see too. So first we become stars of hope, lucky stars, stars of success and then we become sparkling stars.

Each one experiences different challenges. It’s when there is a challenge that we have a choice to be able to transform into angels. If we take that path we become free from pain, sorrow, peacelessness and the fear that come from challenges. At the time of a challenge people may become nervous or feel hopeless. We may sit and speak to another about what’s hurting us or share our worry but still we’re not free. Sometimes we are deceived by people we trust, at other times we feel no one cares about us. At that time, what can we do? Where can we go? Have heart-felt mercy on yourself, so that you can fill up with strength and power. Firstly protect the self and then you’ll be in a position to protect others. Free the self from greed and anger. Attachment gives a lot of sorrow. Ego never allows us to experience peace. If I can’t respond to someone else’s anger in the right way, I may suppress my feelings, then I get depressed and wonder, what can I do? Where can I go? Whilst in the world, consider yourself to be a child of God. Angels are living beings, but all their body consciousness, the consciousness of just being a physical body is finished. They don’t have the ego or the arrogance of a body. Even though they have a body, they are able to stay beyond it. They are very close to God and so their soul is very pure, it’s very light. They have God’s attraction (charisma) in them. Because they themselves are very pure, they are very sweet.

Question: “ How can I become detached from the world when the world is full of so much rubbish and some of that rubbish is actually inside of me?”

You know that it is rubbish, so why are you attached to rubbish? If somebody has real diamonds, are they going to hold on to the false diamonds that they have? Just think about it, if you want a very nice garden and a very good gardener offers to do your garden, to dig up all the weeds, to get rid of all the rubbish and burn it, then wouldn’t you be happy, wouldn’t you say yes? Similarly, if I sit down, hold on to the rubbish and say “What can I do?” - then what’s God going to be able to do? He says “Alright, what is it you want? Do you want love, do you want peace, do you want happiness. Then let me take the rubbish and destroy it for you.” So, talk to angels and ask them “How is it that you became an angel?” As the angels reply, they’ll draw you closer to God, and as you come close to God, God will transform you and you’ll look with amazement at what you have become, from what you once were.

In India, you may see buzzing moths which create little round mud house high up in the walls. This particular moth looks for caterpillars that are crawling around in the dirt, picks one up, carries it away from the dirt and puts it inside this little house and then continues to buzz around it. As the moth buzzes around it, she protects it and looks after it during which time the colour of the caterpillar changes. It goes from its dirty, murky colour to gold and it then grows wings and is able to fly itself. If I want to transform, I’ve also got to take my intellect above. The type of company you keep can help you in this. Ask yourself, who am I, and what is it that I need to do? When you start experiencing happiness, peace and love, the heart is able to say, “Thank-you God for protecting me, for saving me. You’ve given me true love and you’ve supported me with that love. I now know, what my destination is and I understand what it is that I need to do to get there.”

You can easily become an angel. Always have the faith, the belief, that if you do good actions the fruit of that will come to you. Just keep performing good actions. Just put something in your mind, your eyes and your heart; no-one can steal from there. Leave the rubbish behind, throw it out. Do that which is right, and do it accurately. Keep smiling, from your heart. Whatever wrongs have been done, either by you or someone else, forgive yourself and forgive them. Don’t remember that which has been done wrong, and don’t remind anyone else. Forget it and then experience everything to be very good. God advises us to become good and see the goodness in others. Just consider God to belong to you. Your food, your thoughts, your interactions, keep all three good. Then you’ll become an angel.

Where there is truth and love, then ego vanishes and humility enables the task to be accomplished. Humility and truth are good companions. If you have truth within, but you don’t have humility in your action, then how will truth be revealed? When there’s truth within, humility in action, then there is a lot of determination. With determination, there’ll be patience, faith and courage. It’s then that contentment is a treasure for you. The word ‘difficult’ won’t ever sit on your lips. You never say “I’ll try”. There’s clarity, “this is what I need to do. I’m going to do it now. I’m going to do it instantly.”