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Satish Gupta - Consultant Cardiovascular Diseaseand Internal Medicine

The seven innate qualities of soul are :
1) Knowledge 2) Purity 3) Peace 4) Love 5) Happiness 6) Bliss and 7) Power.
These seven innate qualities flow as spiritual energy to each cell of the body and nourishes them.

It is the thinking power/mental energy of  the soul , (negative or positive). Mental Energy has four components :
T.E.A.M. Thoughts(T), Emotions(E), Attitudes(A) and Memories(M).

It is the mental energy which makes aura ( subtle body) of a person. Soul radiates its mental energy to all the brain centers e.g.: Hypothalamus (thinking centre), limbic system (Centre of emotions and attitudes), frontal cortex (memory centre), respiratory centre, speech centre, visual centre etc., in maximum concentration as these centres are located near the soul. In fact the soul radiates the mental energy to each cell of the physical body. Many scientists world over are now of the opinion that mind is not only located in the brain but each cell of the body has mind that means the mind/mental energy has the same shape as the physical body. It is well known fact that each cell of the body has electrical energy which can be measured by various scientific equipments e.g.. Electrical energy of brain cells is measured by electroencephalography (EEG), heart by electrocardiography (ECG), muscles by electromyography (EMG) etc.

Now aura can be photographed by Kirlian photography and it has been proving useful in diagnosis of dis-ease in a particular part of body and organ system before it gets clinically manifested in the form of signs and symptoms.

If a person most of the time thinks negative, aura around him has various shades of white light e.g.: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red or can be Black if there is no flow of mental energy. Mind acts as a sieve between spiritual enegy ( soul) & physical body. Negative T.E.A.M. Blocks the sieve of mind thereby blocking the flow of spiritual energy (peace, love etc.,) & this negative T.E.A.M. Attracts microbes e.g.: bacteria, viruses, etc., oxidants, toxins towards cells of the target organ in the physical body damages immune system thereby leading to dis-ease over a period of time & dis-ease consciousness.

Target organ in a physical body is determined by interplay of genetic background and environment factors (Internal & External) which in turn are decided by good or bad actions in PAST LIFE. Bad actions consumes the spiritual energy & good actions increase the spiritual energy. Bad action performed by a particular organ system leads to decrease in nourishing spiritual energy to that particular organ system  which in turn leads to development of dis-ease over a period of time. On the other hand if a person thinks positive most of the time then aura around him is made up of silvery white light. Such a person is liked by all and radiates all the seven innate qualities  e.g.: Purity Peace, Love around him. The other persons coming in contact with him can feel soothing effect of these qualities. Positive T.E.A.M. Opens the sieve of mind thereby of spiritual energy (peace, love etc.) and Positive T.E.A.M. Protects the cells of the target organ in the physical body from microbes e.g.. Bacteria, viruses, etc, oxidants, toxins and attracts healing proteins molecules, anti-oxidants and boosts up the immune system thereby leading to rapid recovery from dis-ease and health-consciousness

MIND (subtle body) AND PHYSICAL BODY CONNECTION: Mind-body connection is very strong. Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, memories (T.E.A.M.) are not mere vibrations in the air but they are definite electrochemical events occurring in the hypothalamus of the brain. Now with the help of  PET scanning, physiological changes occurring in the brain with change in thoughts, emotions etc., can be seen on the computer screen. After a lot of research in thought-chemistry now it has been proved these thoughts/emotions which is mental energy gets converted into matter called neuropeptides in the hypothalamus. These neuropeptides have been chemically isolated and identified. They go to each cell of the body through blood and each cell of the body (body has 50 – 70 trillion cells) has receptors for these neuropeptides (wonder words from the brain). These neuropeptides act as bio-chemical messengers from the brain to each cell of the physical body and each cell has to obey these messages / orders from the brain. So this way brain talks to each cell of various organ systems of the body through neuropeptides and cells also talk to each other.

As we have earlier discussed that soul radiates mental energy to each cell of the body and each cell has its own mind, in this way the mind (subtle body) is intimately connected with each cell of the physical body. Whatever type of T.E.A.M. We have in the mind (subtle body), the physical body (cells) cannot escape from its effects, good or bad. If we have a negative thought or emotions, these negative neuropeptides are formed in the hypothalamus and they go to each cell of the body, especially the target organ. It leads to release of various stress hormones eg. Epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, cortisol etc., and sympathetic dominance which leads to burning of energy, accumulation of catabolic products, toxins, oxidants inside the cells  (especially the target organ) leading to dis-ease.

On the other hand if we have a positive thought or emotion, there is a release of endorphins (morphine like substances released by various cells of the body), enchephalins, melatonin etc. and para-sympathetic dominance which leads to pooling of energy, removal of catabolic products, toxins, production of anti-oxidants leading to feeling of well being, health and happiness


We have 8 organ systems in our body. All the seven innate qualities of the soul flow to these organ systems and nourish them. But each organ system abounds in one special innate quality eg: Brain is the centre of Knowledge, Heart is the center of Love, etc.,

KNOWLEDGE – Nervous System
PURITY – Immune system / Five senses / Face
PEACE Respiratory system
LOVE Circulatory system (including Heart)
HAPPINESS Gastro –intestinal system

Hormonal system / Reproductive system
a. Union  b. Creation
(i) At the level of Spirits
(ii) At the level of Minds (MENTAL)
(iii) At the level of Hearts (EMOTIONAL)
(iv) At the level of Physical Bodies (PHYSICAL)

POWER Musculo-skeletal system
Harmony in all the innate qualities – Excretory system

It does not matter how long we have had negative patterns or an illness or a rotten relationship or self hatred, We can begin to make a change from now onwards.