International World Headquarters, Mt. Abu, India  


In 1951, not long after the partition of India and Pakistan, the organisation's founder, Brahma Baba moved the still fledgling Institution from Karachi to Mount Abu, high in the Aravali Hills of Rajasthan in north west India. In this place of great beauty, the Institution's new home became known as Madhuban (which means Forest of Honey). It is from here that the original co-founding group of young women, now known as the Dadis (senior sisters), oversee the Institution's activities world-wide. And it is to Madhuban that the Institution's students and teachers return each year for their personal spiritual refreshment.

From a few single storey buildings, Madhuban has gradually evolved into an expansive, yet still homely, campus of halls and residential buildings. The Universal Peace Hall, the complex's 3000 seat auditorium, has regularly played host to international conferences since 1983. An integrated team of around 400 full-time residents ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently as they warmly welcome the regular stream of visitors. It is their dedication and selfless service, guided by the wisdom of the Dadis, which is the foundation of the spiritual atmosphere for which Madhuban has become famous world-wide.

The Academy for a Better World

In 1991, to keep pace with the growing expansion of activities, the Institution purchased a ten-hectare plot of land near Madhuban to build a spiritual academy. Within a few years a relatively barren patch of land was transformed into a modern village style complex in a quiet rural setting, offering residential programmes and courses on the development of human, moral and spiritual values and principles. Facilities include an auditorium with a capacity of 1,600 people, fourteen seminar and training rooms, and accommodation for upto 1,500 people.

The Academy's inaugural conference in 1995, entitled Values Based Education for a Better World, marked the opening of the complex. Courses in personal development, designed and refined at the Academy, are now finding their way into the Institution, college and professional curricula and training programmes around the world.

The Academy has also initiated several wind and solar energy research projects attracting interest and sponsorship from several government agencies and international organisations, as well as providing the complex with a source of clean and cost effective energy.


By the early nineties, students and teachers from over 60 countries were regularly coming to take benefit from the Institution's spiritual education and it was clear that further facilities were required to accommodate all those wishing to attend. In 1995 work started at a plot of land just outside the town of Abu Road, at the foot of Mount Abu, on a large complex named Shantivan (Place of Peace). In less than two years a 20,000 seat auditorium, dining facilities and simple accommodation for 15,000 people were built and soon put to full use for conferences and three and four day training programmes.

The Global Hospital and Research Centre

Western Rajasthan is one of the least privileged areas of India. Much of it is desert, water is in short supply and the illiteracy rate is very high. The majority of the population, many of whom are tribal or indigenous people, are deprived of basic health measures that elsewhere are taken for granted.

Fortunately, this traumatic situation began to change in 1990 with the establishment of the Global Hospital and Research Centre at the initiation of the Brahma Kumaris.

Designed to provide high quality, modern, holistic healthcare services in a tranquil, rural environment, the 120-bed Hospital is managed and run by a charitable trust established and supported by members of the Brahma Kumaris.